Raycore Brand Introduction

In Jun 2014, Melbye Skandinavia AS (Norway) bought 100% Raycore FOS AB. (Sweden). So now Raycore FOS AB belong to Melbye Skandinavia AS. Meanwhile, Melbye Skandinavia AS bought 51% shares of Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd. From now the name of Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd will change to “ Melbye Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd.” (MRT). Now we formally became a member of Melbye group company. Below 2 items will be Melbye Raycore’s role for the Melbye group.
1. MRT will be purchase, RD, Production Management, QC center for the Group.
2. MRT will response for ASIA sales.
3. In the future, Raycore will be a “brand name” of Melbye’s fiber optic related products.

If you have anything want to know more, you can call me.
Or you can visit our website
http://www.melbye.com/en --> company website
http://www.melbye.com/no/aktuelt/pressemeldinger/melbye-skandinavia-kjoper-raycore-fiber-optic-solutions -->news

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