General Requirement of Suppliers

General Requirements
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Suppliers have to comply with our requirements. Melbye is committed to maintaining a sustainable business model, so we have strict sustainability requirements for our suppliers.
Melbye also has high quality standards which must be fulfilled by our suppliers. You can read more about our quality requirements in the quality requirements section.
  • General requirements
       General Terms and Conditions
  • Sustainability requirements
       Code of Conduct (CoC) 
       Restricted Material List (RML) 
  • Quality requirements
       Quality Assurance Process 
       Packaging information

New supplier
New supplier - Interested in supplying us?
We wish to get in direct contact with manufacturing companies that fit our business and we are continuously looking for new suppliers who fulfill our supplier requirements and, accordingly, can contribute to live up to our purchasing vision.
Use the navigator to find out more about us and our needs and demands. Our supplier demands and evaluation methods are briefly presented in the Requirements in the sourcing process and General Requirements section.
To send in an interest application, use the supplier Submission Form.
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General requirements
Please make sure your company can live up to our mandatory requirements stated below. To get a more detailed description of some of them, go to the General Requirements section in the top menu.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified or equal management system
  • Comply with the Melbye Skandinavia Code of Conduct
  • Comply with the Melbye Skandinavia Restricted Material List (RML) and REACH
  • Comply with a Quality Assurance Process according to our requirements 
    Quotation cost break down
  • Excellent delivery reliability (reporting actual situation on request, incl. corrective actions)
  • Output capacity (reporting actual situation on request)
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Customer references, against which we may check the current deliveries
If the above description is applicable to your company and you feel that your offer is in accordance with our demand you are welcome to complete the submission form.
Requirements in the sourcing process
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To become a supplier you have to fulfil our requirements. There are general requirements, which all of our suppliers have to comply with, and there are special requirements considering the sourcing process.
A new potential supplier has to fill in a Supplier Profile which collects general data about the company and its products or services. After conditional approval, potential suppliers will receive a standard template for making a Request for Quotation (RFQ). It includes a Cost Break Down, which shall be used for all quotes.
  • Supplier profile
  • RFQ Cost break down
  • Cost break down
Cost Break Down
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To get a better knowledge about cost and cost drivers we use a cost driver analysis tool to identify all cost components of a product.
The tool has several benefits also for the supplier. Since low performance areas are identified, it helps the supplier to strengthen his competitive position on the marketplace. In addition, the tool is not only help for identifying improvement areas but also for monitoring improvements. Therefore we require that our suppliers can provide us with quotation cost break down.
Current supplier
In this section you will find all the information you need to maintain and enhance your business relations with Melbye Skandinavia. Information is provided to our current suppliers who want to develop their connectivity with Melbye.
Use the navigator to find out more about us and our needs and demands and have a look at the schemes below.
  • Supplier Communication
  • Sustainability Declaration
  • Material Declaration
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Sustainability Declaration
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Melbye Skandinavia is committed to working with its suppliers to achieve Melbyes Code of Conduct Policy. Participating in the Supplier Sustainability Declaration (SSD) is a way for the supplier to contribute to this goal.
The Supplier Sustainability Declaration (SSD) gives Melbye an overview of the social and environmental status at Melbye’ suppliers and to follow up the suppliers' efforts and improvements. The SSD is part of the supplier evaluation, giving the score for the overall assessment.
The SSD gives the suppliers the opportunity to highlight important steps they are taking toward sustainability. We acknowledge that these questions do not cover all aspects of sustainability.
The returned sustainability declaration will be reviewed by Melbye and may be used as a follow-up in connection with visits to the supplier. The supplier should be prepared to show documentation of the answers, if requested.
We intend to reward those suppliers, with continuous business, who show progress toward meeting sustainability goals. The supplier shall, on Melbyes’ request, perform a SSD. If you are a selected supplier, you will, before answering the SSD, get further information.
Material Declaration
(under construction)
As a supplier to Melbye Skandinavia you have been asked to answer a questionnaire about Material Declaration and if your products delivered to Melbye contains chemical substances above 0, 1 % (w/w):
  • On request report chemical substances on the Melbye RML (incl. REACH and RoHS) that is included in the articles delivered to the Melbye.
  • Give contact information to a person within your company who is responsible for relevant chemical legislation (REACH/WEEE/RoHS).
  • Observe changes in Mebye RML, the Candidate List in the REACH regulation and RoHS regulation and inform Melbye of any changes concerning new substances which influence the supplier’s duty towards Melbye.
  • Immediately inform of any presence of chemical substances on products, semi-finished products, parts, materials and packaging according to the REACH directive and the RoHS directive delivered to Melbye.
If You have any questions regarding the questionnaire please contact:

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