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        Melbye Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd was co-founded by Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB and an experienced, highly-qualified team from Taiwan’s fiber optic telecommunication industry. In order to supply our customers with higher-quality, faster, and cheaper products and solutions, Melbye Raycore Taiwan devotes maximum effort to integrating network designs and developing fiber optic and telecom networks. Our products are designed with the overall network in mind. We provide customers with the cheapest and simplest products and plans with the greatest possibility for expansion.

        Melbye Raycore Taiwan and Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB has a strong network and product design team. Its areas of knowledge encompass communication networks, cable television (CATV), intelligent surveillance, fiber optic communications, and optical-electronic integration. We are a comprehensive fiber optic communications company. Not only do our products go through rigorous checks and testing before they are distributed, they are refined in the demanding environment of recent times, as all of our products are in use by North European customers. Asides from having a strong network and product design team and a staunch customer base, Melbye Raycore Taiwan and Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB are most proud of the fact that we have recruited the massive, top suppliers in the fiber optic industry. This is a major reason why Melbye Raycore Taiwan has always been able to provide highest quality products at the best price. The main purpose of establishing Melbye Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd is to serve as the supply management, IPO (International Purchasing Office), marketing office and business agency for over twenty European corporations in Asia. The main products and services that Melbye Raycore Taiwan provides are as below:
        Our products include fiber-optic network equipment, CATV equipment, fiber passive components (passive optical device), fiber optic transceivers (active optical device), testing equipment, security equipment, and network design and help.

        In addition to the various merchandise listed on this website, we also have many other developed products and those that are in-development. You are welcome to visit our website often to check out the latest fiber optic network products, or you can call us to inquire about a certain product. We are completely at your service. You can contact us by telephone at (+886 2)3234 8685 or e-mail us at contact@melbye.com.tw. Melbye Raycore Taiwan Co., Ltd is a company with many suppliers that allow us to provide high-quality fiber optic products. We are constantly searching for new business partners to provide top-quality product designs and network configuration. At the same time, we have already developed many of our own products. For example, there is the ultimate triple-play ONU named AxessMateTM and the Twin-RateTM OE converter. With our combined strength and development ability, we show our thanks for a successful partnership by providing our customers and partners with a wide range of top-quality fiber optics and related products.

        As we strive for better service and products, Melbye Raycore Taiwan began using ISO9001 process. We received ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 international certification in 2017. To Melbye Raycore Taiwan, this ISO certification is not only an affirmation for our company, but also symbolizes our persistence and commitment regarding our service and products. ISO is a starting point and a commitment for the quality Melbye Raycore Taiwan provides. We will always be the best definition of the term “quality”. We believe that what we demand of the quality of our service and products will never change. ISO is simply a way to confirm this and not a panacea. Melbye Raycore Taiwan will definitely strive to improve ourselves and ensure that our customers can feel the sincerity and effort we put into quality.

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