Fiber Optic Distribution Frames

Fiber Closure – Horizontal (max 96C)

Fiber Closure – Horizontal (max 96C)

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    4.1 Fiber optical splice closure used the latest technology of production, meet the ISO9000-2000 standard.
    4.2 Box life span is more than 25 years.
    4.3 RC-FCHA compact structure, light weight, mechanical design is reliable in any operation, replacement, storage and transportation.
    4.4 The sealing of FOSC is reliable, prevent liquid and vapor entering the box.
    4.5 Provide of mechanical, optical and environment protection. The integrity of the sealed environment can be impact air tested after installed.
    4.6 The RC-FCHA have integrity of join connection, and good seal performance during installation, application and unloading of fiber optic cable, fiber optic cables. It can reopen and close the box without remove sealing and structure.
    4.7 No need to change the whole closure when add the new cable. For the closure is suitable for cut of uncut cable.

    4.8 May suit for various type of fiber cables.
    4.8.1 Suit for connection all type fiber cables with different structure, such as loosen tube, center jacket, gain groove cable with diameter 10-22mm.
    4.8.2 Closure can fix all parts of cable (surface, metal core, Kevlar fiber)
    4.8.3 Splice tray inside the closure, can also storage the surplus cables sequential and safety.
    4.8.4 Easy to open and reopen. No damage to closure and the fibers inside. No influence to fibers installed when adding new fibers. No need to reseal the fiber installed yet.
    4.9 The mechanical of closure requirements which closure must meet are as follow:
    4.9.1 The closure is impact resistant especially during the installation and application. It is resistant mechanical pressure, vibration and impaction. The terminal end of optical fiber cable could bear traction, impact, curve and reversal. There is no air leakage and other damage.
    4.10 The minimum curve ratio of diameter is ≥R30mm
    4.11 The material of closure and the cable are the same. No influence to the cable and the fiber. In the normal outdoor environment, the material can resist dissolve, chemical resistant and prevent form crack. And could prevent the closure from expand when hot climate cold climate.
    4.12 The material of closure is no harm to people and environment. Especially it is without any harmful solid or liquid adhesive.


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