Melbye Raycore Taiwan at CommunicIndonesia 2016
Melbye Raycore Taiwan will be demonstrating at CommunicIndonesia 2016 and would like to invite all of our fellow partners to join us at the grand show. The exhibition details are as followed:

CommunicIndonesia 2016- International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition
Date:    31 August - 3 September 2016
Venue: Jakarta International Expo

Investigating into Indonesian market, we found that Indonesia's ICT industry has vast potential.
  • 340 million mobile subscribers and growing...
  • Mobile data subscriber base is forecasted to grow to 170 million users by 2015
  • Internet users are predicted to reach around 112.6 million users by 2017
  • National broadband build out plan costing US$22.8 billion over 5 years

With the Indonesian’s government announcement of the Indonesia Broadband Plan, major investments are expected in the broadband connectivity infrastructure and its related ICT verticals.

Keeping all appealing information above in mind, Melbye Raycore Taiwan seizes the chance to attend 
CommunicIndonesia 2016 to gain more attention at South-East Asia' most exciting marketplace and capture all latest opportunities. We look forward to meeting you there!


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